Motorhome Travel Advice for Senior Citizens & Retirees | By Elite RV

Published on Thursday 23rd June 2022

We understand that motorhome living offers an exciting lifestyle free from bills, taxes, and mortgages while offering an avenue to explore various scenarios at a low cost. The topic that has always caused a series of debates is if this lifestyle is suitable for everybody. Well, the simple answer is yes; motorhome living is an exciting way of life well suited for just anybody.

Anyone can live the motorhome lifestyle, provided they are informed on what they need to lead this kind of life. One of the people that may fancy this lifestyle is seniors, for obvious reasons.

Seniors are considered one of the ideal candidates to live the motorhome lifestyle because they are often open to new and exciting ways to enjoy retirement. However, there are specific travel tips that seniors should know because they are essential for them when traveling.

This article outlines these essential tips to guide senior motorhome travellers, and the tips include:

  1. Get a motorhome you are comfortable with: This rule is not specific to motorhome travellers that are seniors alone. It applies to everybody. Your motorhome lifestyle begins with you knowing how to manoeuvre your motorhome because it makes the experience easy and feasible. Ensure you can comfortably operate the vehicle you acquired for your RV living.
  2. Make provisions for your grandkids: It is certain that as a senior, you will indeed be expecting your lovely grandkids to come to hang with you and keep you company once in a while. You will want to ensure that their visit is something they enjoy; you can make provision for their visit by buying facilities like a Dinette and a fold-out cushion because they can make suitable and comfortable bed spaces for the grandkids.
  3. Get a motorhome suitable for your stage of life: As humans, we get to experience life at different stages. The experience in our infancy differs much from the experience in our juvenile years. During your senior years, you are bound to experience some limitations in terms of how agile you are; you want to get a motorhome designed to assist you in every way while making things easy for you. Acquire senior-specific motorhomes because they have excellent facilities for seniors.
  4. Join RV Traveller Clubs: Various motorhome traveller clubs exist for people living the RV lifestyle. As a senior, you want to be a member of these RV travellers’ clubs because it helps you save costs and make new friends who could help later. RV traveller clubs have specific bonuses that their members enjoy due to their vast networks that encompass a reasonable number of camping sites.
  5. Have a daily travel plan: A plan makes everything easy and feasible, and motorhome traveling for seniors and other motorhome travellers is no exception. A daily travel strategy outlines when you need to pause and make a stop, the distance you intend to cover daily, and how you want to make the most of your motorhome living daily.


There are other motorhome traveller tips for seniors, but the few mentioned above are the essential ones needed when living the motorhome lifestyle. Seniors can also invest in modern security systems to maximise safety on and off the road, especially in their vehicle.

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