Why Choose Auto-Trail

Love Auto-Trail

When you purchase a new Auto-Trail, you don’t only own one of the finest luxury leisure vehicles available, you also have invested in an exciting lifestyle. Whether you are embarking on “The Lap” of Australia or simply turning every weekend into an adventure, you have the ability to take your home from home with you at a pace that suits you.

Simply superior in so many ways

Why are Auto-Trail built Motorhomes unique in our Australian market? Great question!

We have a finish that is likened to some luxury yacht builders. This means that your home on wheels is steadfast, strong and built to withstand Australian conditions. We are also proud of the fact that we build on a bespoked aluminium extrusion bar, replaced timber with polyurethane rails (eliminating the common issue of rotting), and have the largest payloads on the market. Oh, we also have the longest warranties! No wonder Auto-Trail is the most awarded motorhome brand in Australia.

More choice, comfort & innovation

Its all about added value. We recognise that in today’s consumer led market we need to continue to push the boundaries in regards to design and development to ensure we strengthen our position as one of the world’s leading motorhome manufacturers. To this end we have an ongoing commitment to offer you, the customer, even greater value for money.

Engineered, not just assembled


We have gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure all Auto-Trail models meet the NCC EN1646-1 thermal insulation and heating standard, as a result, the interior of your motorhome can maintain +20ºC even when its a chilly -15ºC or a blistering +40ºC outside. This is the highest standard achievable for motorhomes. Aerodynamic exterior styling ensures air and water are guided around the body.

Award Winning Design

Engineering reliable and robust leisure vehicles has made a large contribution to the success of the Auto-Trail brand. In-house we use 3D printers to rapidly prototype components and fixings which can then be put through their paces in our test programmes. We work with the NCC to achieve the highest classification of insulation and heating accreditation, and also regularly use some of the UK’s leading automotive testing facilities, such as Millbrook in Bedford, to gather data on how our vehicles perform on all manner of different road surfaces and different driving situations. We aim to be as thorough as possible in our development so you can be confident when on the road, anywhere in the world. With a steel frame attaching the body to the cab, our vehicles are deemed to be the quietest on the road.


Industry Leading Construction Backed By Industry Leading 10 Year Body Integrity Warranty

A structural aluminium extrusion that is bonded and also bolted to the edge of the pressed floor ensures the integrity of our habitation compartments. All models have 40mm insulation in the side walls and 45mm in the floor for superb thermal performance throughout the year. To enhance the look of the vehicle and to add further protection against water ingress, the entire upper cab/roof and rear panel is capped off using GRP moulded panels. The formed panels are bonded in place, with Henkel adhesive, to ensure a watertight seal.

Specification Details

  1. Luxury upholstery schemes
  2. Vinyl floor with bound-edged removable carpets
  3. Cutlery storage
  4. 100W solar panels
  5. Domestic mixer taps
  6. Entertainment system
  7. Domestic style showers
  8. Progressive rear indicators (Frontier only)
  9. Colour reversing camera screen (Lifestyle Pack)
  1. Luxury upholstery schemes
  2. Underfloor storage
  3. Underseat storage
  4. Integrated control panel
  5. 2 engine options including ‘Comfort-Matic’ Auto
  6. Steering wheel radio/telephone controls (Lifestyle Pack)
  7. Recessed exterior awnings (surface fixed on Imala)
  8. Colour reversing cameras (Lifestyle Pack)
  9. Panoramic Skyline roof

Body style Profiles

Lo-Line configuration generally suits couples better, providing extra storage space for longer touring trips. The choice is yours!

Choose the body style that best suits your needs – at no extra cost.

The Hi-Line’s extra over-cab bed is often favored by families or those who will be entertaining guests on their travels. Which of these variants best suits your lifestyle?

Lo-Line is an outstanding example of modern motorhome design with sleek exterior styling creating an aerodynamic shape and incorporating a large panoramic Skyline sunroof.

The Lo-Line Option is ideal for customers who prefer accessible integrated storage areas above the cab space in lieu of an over-cab sleeping area.

The Hi-Line variant also features the unique Skyline sunroof, which has become a trademark of Auto-Trail. The area has been designed to accommodate a large double bed.

Every inch of space has been fully to provide a large and comfortable sleeping area.

During the day, this sleeping area can be left undisturbed, or the bed can quickly slide away, enabling you to take full advantage of all the space.

Internal & External Protection for your Motorhome

RVGard was created by industry professionals committed to delivering the latest in technologically and environmentally sound protection products for your Recreational Vehicle.

RVGard is part of a national company with an infrastructure exceeding over 70 branded stores and over 300 authorised application and inspection centres, making it the biggest of its kind in Australia.

After many years of research and product development and thousands of vehicle applications later, we are confident that our products will ensure the interior and exterior of your van is completely protected.

We are so confident in fact, that we are prepared to offer a lifetime warranty.

Australia's No.1 Exterior & Interior RV Protection

Exterior Protection

  • Protects against stains and paint damage caused by:
    • bird/ bat droppings
    • fading, discolouration and loss of gloss
    • paint oxidation
  • Adds a glass-like finish to the paintwork
  • Enhances resale value
  • Once only application

Interior Protection

  • Protects against stains on fabric, vinyl and leather surfaces
  • Prevents fading of all interior surfaces caused by sun
  • Non-toxic
  • Enhances resale value
  • Once only application