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Melbourne Dealership

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Browse our Motorhomes For Sale in QLD & VIC

As an experienced motorhome specialist, Elite RV takes considerable pride in delivering high quality new and used motorhomes for sale to customers on the Gold Coast and Melbourne. As the exclusive distributor of Auto-Trail motorhomes in Australia, our dealerships proudly stock the latest model Auto-Trail motorhome vehicles.

Our depth of industry knowledge puts us in an ideal position to identify the best motorhome to suit your lifestyle and budget. And when you deal with Elite RV, you’re guaranteed first class service every time.

While our range of new motorhomes represent the pinnacle of RV luxury and technology, used motorhomes offer tremendous value, allowing eager travellers to pursue their motorhome dreams without destroying their bank balance. Our range of second-hand vehicles spans multiple brands, sizes and models. Whether you’re seeking to a brand-new recreational vehicle or a pre-owned one, our dedicated team of motorhome specialists are here to get you out onto the Australian roads as soon as possible, to explore the country in total comfort.

Take to the road in effortless style and pure comfort

Travel extends far beyond adventuring from point A to point B. It’s a glorious opportunity to take in fabulous new scenery, get acquainted with new people and develop wonderful memories that last a lifetime. However, sometimes the experience can be tarnished by the rigours of flight and hotel bookings, or visiting travel destinations that ultimately fall short of expectations. If the idea of being able to pack your essentials and set off to an incredible new destination of your choosing sounds tempting, invest in a new or used motorhome. Regardless of which exciting new destination you decide on, you can travel in style and luxury 365 days a year.

Welcome to the 21st century motorhome lifestyle

In days gone by, motorhomes were often synonymous with cramped and confined living spaces, less than ideal camping sites and typically, lacklustre hygiene. Modern day motorhomes in comparison, are more akin to upmarket motels on wheels. Late model RVs are fitted with all essential amenities – and then some, to guarantee a holiday experience like no other. With a long history of industry experience and a strong passion for motorhome travel, the hard-working team at Elite RV ensure that every customer drives away with the ultimate cross-country vehicle.

Buy a motorhome that is tailored to your needs

Buying a new or used motorhome is like a breath of fresh air for your way of life. These vehicles open up a whole new world of adventure for you, allowing you to journey to new locales, enjoy quality time with your loved ones, and have some real fun in the great outdoors. If you’re brand new to motorhome vehicles, the sheer amount of different makes, models and options can make the experience of buying one, a little daunting. With our assistance however, we’ll help you secure the vehicle that is perfect to your needs.

When you purchase a motorhome, you can settle into a DIY way of travel

Just some of the benefits of motorhome ownership include:

  • Exploring new and unchartered destinations
  • Getting away from suburbia and closer to nature
  • Travelling as far as you desire and camping with your vehicle wherever you wish, whenever you wish

It’s no secret that even when you’re on a great holiday, you can become homesick over time when you’re separated from home and the things that are most valuable to you. With a motorhome however, you can bring your most treasured belongings with you. With so many modern vehicles offering a high degree of luxury and comfort, it becomes even easier to forget that you’re away from home.

If you’re someone who isn’t fond of travel and accommodation bookings, your holiday can quickly become a nightmare. Furthermore, with the ever-increasing prices of hotel and motel stays, the financial benefits of owning and holidaying in a motorhome become increasingly apparent.

Why Choose Elite RV?

We are the motorhome specialists

There is a reason why we at Elite RV refer to ourselves as motorhome specialists. From the time you get in touch with one of our distinctive dealerships, we like to add a touch of class to our connection. Every member of our team, from those working in our showroom to those in our workshops, have been carefully chosen and given extensive training to provide you with a unique experience. Allow us to demonstrate how enjoyable purchasing a motorhome can be. Call now; it all starts with a call.

Providing premium luxury for Australians

One of the greatest luxury leisure vehicles in Australia is what you get when you buy a new Auto-Trail. A mobile way of life that will transform your existence. We are sure that once you step inside an Auto-Trail RV, it will permanently alter how you view travelling — we see the smiles on customers faces all the time.

Your Auto-Trail will make sure you travel in style whether you’re starting a “lap” of Australia or just making every weekend an adventure.

Your next adventure starts with a phone call. Don’t keep thinking about it, Just DO IT.