Motorhome Camping Advice for Seniors & Retirees | By Elite RV

Published on Thursday 28th July 2022

As a senior, motorhome travel is one of the best activities you can pick up after retirement. The motorhome lifestyle offers numerous benefits that seniors and retirees can adopt to enjoy retirement, including travelling and exploring new places. However, going on motorhome camping trips without knowing the dos and don’ts is not advisable. Here, this article will highlight some expert motorhome camping tips for seniors. Read on to discover more exciting information.

Choose Your Motorhome Wisely

Many people do not consider this initially, but the type of motorhome you choose significantly affects how your camping will go. It is especially critical for seniors because they may be unable to deal with the hassles and discomfort of choosing the wrong recreational vehicle. When selecting a vehicle to rent or buy, the first factor to consider is your comfort. Your motorhome is more like a temporary apartment and should offer you all the comfort you demand. Hence, retirees may want to consider obtaining a larger size motorhome.

Keep Your Motorhome Fully Operational

A motorhome is a luxury vehicle that offers the best features of a home and a vehicle. However, you can only enjoy camping with your vehicle when it is in good condition. You would not want a situation where your motorhome develops a fault in an unpleasant location. Therefore, you may want to check and ensure your motorhome is functional before embarking on any camping trip. It is also crucial to always travel with an emergency motorhome repair kit to avoid getting stuck with a damaged motorhome.

Take a Smaller Car with You

There are many reasons for camping, but it often involves exploring a new place and enjoying new experiences. You may be unable to drive your motorhome around every city, and you won’t make the most of your camping by just staying in your vehicle. You would want to travel around town, and you may need a smaller car. Hence, you may want to consider towing a smaller car along on your camping trip to enable you to explore new places easily.

Consider Purchasing a Satellite Phone

Motorhomes allow you to explore new locations you did not know much about, and you may not have cell reception in some of these places. Also, you may run into an emergency on the way that requires you to make phone calls. This is practically impossible if you are in a remote location with no cell reception. This is where a satellite phone becomes necessary. Satellite phones use direct satellite connections, making it possible to make calls from anywhere.

Travel in a Caravan

Traveling in a motorhome can get lonely sometimes, especially for seniors holidaying alone. This is why motorhome holidaymakers often prefer to travel as a group known as a caravan. A caravan is somewhat like a convoy of motorhome vehicles travelling together, and it is often the best option for retirees to avoid getting lonely on the road.


One of the best activities seniors can adopt after retirement is motorhome travel, because of its numerous benefits. It allows them to explore new places and opportunities while keeping them occupied with several fun activities. However, you can only enjoy your motorhome camping if you go about it correctly. This article has highlighted expert motorhome camping tips for seniors.

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