Benefits & Drawbacks of Retiring & Living in a Motorhome | By Elite RV

Published on Thursday 28th July 2022

When the topic of motorhome living is raised anywhere, the argument has always been on how exciting the experience can be. This excitement is further amplified by the fact that you have the freedom to explore as many locations of your choice and meet new faces. However, there is another point of argument relating to motorhome living, and this argument is “who should live the motorhome lifestyle?”

Many will answer that anyone can live the motorhome lifestyle leading to another topic of argument, “is it advisable to live a motorhome lifestyle after retiring?” For a more solid answer to this question, this article will highlight the benefits and drawbacks of retiring in a motorhome.

Benefits of Living in a Motorhome When Retiring

We start by analysing the advantages of living in a motorhome full-time after retirement. These benefits include:

1) It can be cheaper than living in an apartment

When staying in an apartment, the bills are increased as you pay for rent or mortgage, utility bills as you’ll be using more appliances, and additional costs like home maintenance. Compared to living in a motorhome, the cost of living in an apartment in most cases, is substantially higher.

2) Freedom to explore

When living in an apartment, you are confined to space but not restricted from exploring. However, the cost involved in exploring is as much as you will need to prepare for your accommodation, feeding, and more. In the motorhome lifestyle, everything mentioned earlier, from the freedom to explore, accommodation and feeding costs, and more, are all part of the motorhome lifestyle; the freedom is more pronounced than living in an apartment.

3) It is exciting

One trait of living in an apartment after retirement is that with time the activities you do for fun will get old and become dull. However, with motorhome living, the excitement is unlimited as you regularly explore new and fascinating aspects of nature.

4) Experience new people

There is a difference between meeting and experiencing new people. Living in an apartment, you get to meet new people via the internet and other media channels. In contrast, living in a motorhome allows you to experience new people because you do not only meet them but also get to socialise with them.

Drawbacks of Living in a Motorhome When Retiring

While there are undeniably many positives of living in a motorhome all year round, there it is now time to consider some of the disadvantages of retiring and living in your motorhome on a permanent basis, and they include:

1) Limited space

To live a convenient motorhome lifestyle, you must do away with some facilities and items you enjoyed when living in an apartment because a motorhome cannot accommodate them.

2) Temperature control

No matter your efforts to insulate your vehicle, there are days you will experience freezing nights. However, in apartment living, the chances of this happening are reduced.

3) The experience can get stressful

Constantly being on the move can become very exhausting, especially as you tow a mini-home with you to every place you intend to explore.

4) Need to be alert

There are nights when you wish to disconnect and relax for a while, but in motorhome living, those nights are scarce. This is because you need to be very alert, especially when you park in areas you are not familiar with.


On the argument of whether it is advisable to live in a motorhome after retirement or not, the decision lies solely in the hands of the retiree. However, this article has provided more clarity by highlighting the benefits and drawbacks of retiring in a motorhome.

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