How to Stay on Budget When Travelling in Your Motorhome | By Elite RV

Published on Thursday 21st April 2022

The motorhome lifestyle is often spoken of in high esteem, and this is because of the various values and benefits it affords. However, it is essential to note that a full-time RV living can be pretty demanding, especially considering that you have to spend most of your time on the road. One notable challenge motorhome travellers often encounter is sticking to a budget while on the road.

Maintaining a budget can be very challenging, but it is equally rewarding and helps ensure that you do not run out of resources. There are several ways motorhome holidaymakers can avoid overspending, most notably by shopping wisely. This article will show you how to save on grocery shopping and other methods to help you stick to your budget while travelling in your motorhome.

How to Save Up on Grocery Shopping

Groceries are one of the most budget-stretching items that full-time motorhome travellers must be wary of. And while it may not seem like much when you spend on them, they often accumulate too much more than you planned, taking up a chunk of your budget. However, you can save substantially while shopping for groceries, and here are some possible ways.

  1. Buy Different Brands: buying only a specific brand may have its benefits, but this shopping style may prove too expensive on the road. Hence, you may have to ditch brand loyalty and save up more by buying cheaper brands.
  2. Patronize Specialty Stores: remember to patronize specialty stores while looking for a less expensive store to stock up on provisions. Specialty stores focus on a single product, and they may be your best bet for getting specific products at meagre prices. For example, you can get discounts when buying meat from a butcher, while bakeries often sell bread at giveaway prices.
  3. Stick With Simple Food: one significant quality of RV living is simplicity, and it can also apply to your food choice. Of course, you can have exotic meals occasionally, but you will be better off sticking with simple meals regularly as it helps you save more.
  4. Shop for In-Season Produce: some products like fruits and vegetables are seasonal, which means they are more available in some seasons. You may want to research and find out which ones are in season so you can shop for them rather than spending more on rare produce.

Other Ways to Save Money While Travelling

Sticking to a budget while holidaying in your RV goes beyond grocery shopping as you can still incur expenses on other aspects. Here are our expert tips on other ways to save money while on the road:

  • Pack on free spots as often as possible
  • Find and register with a fitting motorhome group to enjoy membership benefits
  • Sticking to a particular campground for longer can help you save more
  • Try as much as possible not to compromise on your fixed budget


It is often not a good experience falling short of cash on the road, especially as you might need to get some supplies for your survival at any time. This is why motorhome holidaymakers must always ensure that they plot and maintain a budget while travelling the country in their vehicle. Thankfully, the best ways to save money while on the road have been highlighted in this article. We hope you find the tips we shared here useful.

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