4 Ways to Earn Money When Travelling in a Motorhome | By Elite RV

Published on Thursday 21st April 2022

As you may already know, motorhome living is a fun and exciting lifestyle, and it has many benefits. This lifestyle involves living in a recreational vehicle with an accommodation chamber. Although this lifestyle is based on simplicity and freedom, there have been a few misconceptions. One common myth about RV living is that you must be wealthy to adopt this lifestyle. Well, while some rich fellows enjoy the experience, the notion is quite conclusive and inaccurate.

Indeed, the motorhome lifestyle can be pretty demanding for beginners, and it may require you to spend a fortune. But the motorhome lifestyle does not stop you from making money, as you can still generate more income while having a fun time in your recreational vehicle. Yes, it may not have occurred to you, but you can take on specific jobs while on the road. Here, this article will highlight some possible job options for full-timers.

4 Great Ways to Earn Money When Travelling in Your Motorhome

Of course, you may be yet to get your head around the fact that motorhomes are almost as likely to get a job as other individuals. But the earlier you learn this as a full-time or aspiring motorhome traveller, the better your financial strength will be on the road.

Here are the top 4 jobs to take when travelling in your RV:

  1. Telecommuting: this is a job system that allows you to work for a specific company right from the comfort of your home or RV, in this case. You will be paid a pre-agreed wage, but you will be allowed to take on different tasks and complete assignments without setting foot in the company.
  2. Online Freelancing: perhaps, one of the best remote jobs you could have today is freelancing, and it is undoubtedly because of the various benefits it affords. Freelancing offers you the opportunity to be your boss, and you can earn it by applying for jobs online. What’s more? This job opportunity is broad and employs the services of writers, designers, artists, performers, etc.
  3. Workamping (Work Camping): this may not be the most popular job today, but it certainly is a common term among campers. If you prefer physical jobs to online ones, then workamping may be your best bet. This job simply involves working on campgrounds, and it is favorable because it eliminates the need to pay for camping. Imagine getting a means of income and a free parking space for as long as your contract lasts.
  4. Blogging: Many have argued that blogging is the most appropriate remote job for people who travel a lot, and they may not be very far from the mark. If you are a good storyteller, then blogging is the perfect opportunity to earn a fortune by narrating your experience on the road. It doesn’t get easier than that. All you need is to create a blog using your laptop or smart device, and you earn a specific amount for each click.


The benefits of being able to work from the comfort of your motorhome while travelling the country, are obvious. They fetch you more than enough income for your upkeep. But the fun part is that you mostly get to work from the comfort of your RV. The top jobs you can take on as a full-time motorhome traveller have been highlighted in this article.

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