Motorhome Tyre Blowouts: Reduce the Risk of Tyre Failure | By Elite RV

Published on Thursday 23rd June 2022

When discussing motorhome living, the lifestyle is always highlighted by one factor: the experience. The headline is always about how fascinating the experience can be, the level of freedom it offers you, the travels, etc. But we rarely talk about the efforts to make the lifestyle have such fascinating experiences and unparalleled freedom.

These efforts are the maintenance protocol that every motorhome traveller should know. Motorhome vehicle maintenance ensures your safety, allowing you to make the most of your RV travelling experience. There are various aspects of motorhome maintenance, but the one of interest is avoiding tyre blowouts. This article highlights essential tips for avoiding motorhome tyre blowouts and more.

The importance of preventing tyre blowouts

Maintenance procedures ensure that you optimise your motorhome living experience, allowing you the much-needed freedom that motorhome living brings and the beautiful and fascinating benefits of the motorhome lifestyle. Damaged tyres can incur more costs and put your life at risk.

Essential Tips for Avoiding Motorhome Tyre Blowouts

Specific tips help you avoid the dangers associated with RV Tyre blowouts, and these tips include:

  1. Replace your tyres regularly: The number of times you replace your motorhome’s tyres depends on how often you use the vehicle. The guideline provided by motorhome experts is that travellers replace their tyres once every 3-6 years. If the RV is constantly being used, it is best to replace the tyres once every 3 years. If it is sparingly used, you replace it once every 6 years or less.
  2. Check your tyres regularly: Some pointers show when your motorhome tyres need replacing. Some of these pointers include reduction in air pressure and tread depth, presence of wear, and when the tyres are not balanced, properly aligned, or fitted correctly.
  3. Parking your RV: Be conscious of how temperature change affects your vehicle’s tyres because this is key in selecting where to park. Avoid parking your vehicle on grass and sand, and only park on asphalt during cool weather. If your vehicle has been in storage, take it for a quick spin once in a while.
  4. Avoid excessive heating: As mentioned earlier, tyres react to temperature changes causing the rubber and metal to expand. Excessive heat is produced from speed, braking, and cornering. Many travellers have the wrong idea of a daily motorhome travel strategy. The goal of the strategy is for you to enjoy every inch and second of your travel; thus, it is not by distance covered in a day but how well you enjoyed traveling that day.
  5. Stay on RV-friendly routes: motorhome-friendly routes are clear of debris or substances that can harm the tyre. It would help plan your routing properly while considering your motorhome tyres.
  6. Avoid excessive loads: Every motorhome tyre is designed to carry a specific weight size; any weight above this puts excess pressure on the tyres, which should not be. This can easily cause the tyres to be stressed ad eventually blow out.


Other tips to add to these above include using specific gadgets that allow you to monitor your tyre performance level and using the appropriate tyre size for your motorhomes. The tips above ensure your and your vehicle’s safety.

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