DIY Motorhome Maintenance: Things You Can Fix on Your Own | By Elite RV

Published on Thursday 23rd June 2022

The popularity of motorhomes has increased in recent years. This is partly because of the freedom and opportunities the motorhome lifestyle brings, but we cannot ignore the hassles attached to this lifestyle. The good news is, not every vehicle fault or failure requires the assistance of a professional to safely repair or replace.

The truth is, you are much more likely to enjoy the all the benefits of motorhome living when you are well informed on what it requires. A knowledgeable motorhome owner knows how to save costs and use available resources effectively by performing motorhome maintenance when necessary. Understand that your vehicle can develop problems when you are on the road, and your ability to solve or control these problems influence your happiness on the road.

Many motorhome owners who lack the necessary skills and knowhow, often invite repair companies for RV problems that they themselves can actually repair. They spend more and wait for long periods until the repair company arrives to solve the problem. This DIY guide will highlight some common motorhome problems and how to safely fix them yourself.

Common Motorhome Problems and How to Fix Them

Flat Tyre

When you discovered that you have a flat tyre, pull over to a flat and levelled surface, and unhitch the trailer from the towing vehicle. Secure the available tyres so they do not move; place your jack under the trailer secured to the axle because it is the strongest part of the vehicle. Then loosen the screw of the bad tore and use the jack to lift the vehicle off the ground before removing it. Replace the tyre with a good tyre and place the screw in. Drop the vehicle gently and tighten the replaced tyre properly.

Leaking Roof

The best way to fix roof leaks with a little DIY motorhome maintenance, is by identifying them before they begin. Inspect the vehicle’s roof and seal points for any slacking or spacing. The sealing used in the roof can become slack over time; inspection helps you notice them and replace them using temporary roof patches or silicone caulking made for outdoor use.

Clogged Toilet

Motorhome toilets often become clogged when the wrong toilet paper is used. This is resolved by pouring hot boiling water down the toilet bowl to help break down the substance clogging the toilet. If it does not work, you can use a toilet wand or a clog to provide enough pressure to push the substance clogging the toilet into the septic tank.

Dead Battery

This is caused by poor charging or improper use of the batteries. Install a charge monitor to allow you to monitor your motorhome battery charge, Use the correct outlets to charge your battery. Using your tow vehicle’s battery to jumpstart your vehicle’s battery is not recommended. When the motorhome is in storage, disconnect the batteries and store them in cool, dry places.

Window Leaks

Use a garbage bag and duct tape to cover the windows while you identify the source of the leak. The garbage bag prevents water from coming in temporarily. Check the panes and every part of the window for holes or slacked seals. If you notice any, seal them with silicone caulking.


The problems highlighted above are the most common experienced by motorhome holidaymakers and with a bit of DIY knowhow, can all be successfully repaired, replaced or avoided altogether, with the help of regular maintenance. Of course, the first step to fixing a problem is to identify it, and this article has shed sufficient light on some motorhome problems you can repair or replace on your own.

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