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Published on Thursday 23rd June 2022

There is a lot more to owning an motorhome aside from the freedom you enjoy from it. There are times when you will not want to use your motorhome and will need to store it, and this can be a problem for some travellers. The popular option for storing your RV is your home’s storage facility like a garage, barn, or driveway. However, this option depends on how much space you have and how well it accommodates the vehicle.

If you choose to store an motorhome in your home’s storage facility, you want to ensure that the facility has enough space to accommodate the vehicle. In cases where the facility cannot accommodate the vehicle, you then seek other storage options.

This article will discuss the indoor and outdoor storage facilities while comparing them and outlining tips to guide you when preparing your motorhome for storage.

Which is the Best RV Storage Option?

Selecting the best storage option for your motorhome is often your call, but you must consider specific factors. The factors below compare indoor and outdoor storage facilities while outlining their merits and demerits. These factors include:

  1. Costs: Indoor storage facilities cost more than outdoor storage facilities because they offer more services and facilities than outdoor storage facilities. The difference in costs can be seen in the extra services that most indoor facilities offer, as some of these services are not offered at outdoor storage facilities.
  2. Security: Both indoor and outdoor motorhome storage facilities offer top-notch security services. Still, the level of security offered by indoor motorhome storage facilities gives owners some sense of peace. These storage facilities offer total protection from elements like climate change, inconsistent temperature, ultraviolet rays, pests, vandalism, and theft. In contrast, motorhome owners need extra security measures and precautions to protect their vehicles when storing at outdoor storage facilities. Indoor storage facilities also help your vehicle look and function better in the long run than outdoor motorhome storage facilities.
  3. Logistics: Some logistics that give outdoor storage facilities the edge over indoor storage facilities, aside from the costs, are distance and availability. It is easier to find an outdoor motorhome storage facility closer to you than an indoor motorhome storage facility.
  4. Impromptu trips: Once a motorhome has been checked into an indoor storage facility, you need to inform the facility before time so that they can prepare for your arrival. It is not the best option if you go on impromptu trips. In outdoor motorhome storage facilities, you can access your coach.

Tips for Preparing Your Motorhome for Storage

These tips guide you when preparing to take your RV into storage. They are:

  1. Winterising your motorhome’s plumbing: this involves emptying your RV’s plumbing system of any water and pumping non-toxic anti-freeze solutions through the pipes.
  2. Wash your motorhome: Clean it thoroughly before taking your motorhome into storage.
  3. Seal openings: You do not want unwanted guests to occupy your motorhome while in storage; inspect the vehicle for any little openings and seal them shut.
  4. Take out your supplies: Remove all supplies from your storage because they can serve as an invitation to unwanted guests.


There is no definite answer to which storage system is most appropriate for your motorhome. However, this article has provided details comparing and contrasting outdoor and indoor motorhome storage facilities.

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