How to Start a Travel Blog When Travelling in a Motorhome | By Elite RV

Published on Thursday 21st April 2022

One of the fascinating ways to explore the world and gain more knowledge is by traveling. This gives the opportunity to meet and interact with new people and learn and experience new cultures. However, this activity is reserved by most employees for the holiday season, which comes once a year.

Some individuals incorporate traveling as part of their lifestyle, and it is more common with RV owners. RV owners are individuals who practice full-time RV living where they can afford the time to travel and still work in a balanced system. A job that is suitable for travelers is travel blogging.

Travel Blogging involves writing a blog to highlight different experiences from different areas visited. This form of blogging is not often as lucrative as food blogging or fashion blogging. But it can be an exciting job considering that you control your time and get paid for doing what you love.

However, specific tips ensure the success of a travel blog and will help guide the travel blogger. This article will highlight these tips for anyone who wants to start travel blogging.

Top Tips for Starting a Travel Blog

For anyone looking to start a travel blog, specific tips guide you through your journey, and they include:

  1. Read books: There is no such thing as excess knowledge; there is always a way to apply the knowledge gained that will be beneficial. Hence, take the time to read extensively; the aim is to become a better writer and produce quality. Books on selling and marketing strategies are also helpful in running a blog.
  2. Think outside the box: A Blog’s success is judged by the audience it attracts. People are less likely to look at your blog if it is similar to others, thus, it should be unique. Creating unique blogs starts with having a niche and trying a different approach when building on that niche. If other bloggers produce serious and comprehensive content on a niche, you produce light-hearted and in-depth content.
  3. Create a network: There is a saying, “no one is an island.” This says your chances of achieving success are slimmer when you choose to go alone; thus, to create a successful travel blog, establish a network with other bloggers because this can help bring more audience to your blog.
  4. Create a product: This aims to garner your blog’s support in terms of revenue and audience. Bloggers who do not create products have to constantly produce new content for their blogs to help gather revenue, and for a travel blogger, this can disrupt other planned activities. Hence, ensure to attach products like books, courses, clothes, or any product that can interest your blog’s visitors.
  5. Do not talk about yourself: Many first-time bloggers make their blogs about themselves, which is wrong. The blog should be engaging so the readers are carried along, and this is not achieved when the blog is about the blogger.


The final tip to starting a successful travel blog is being persistent. Understand that the travel blog will not start bringing income immediately; it takes consistency and dedication to build a successful travel blog. Luckily, this article has highlighted some top tips to guide you when starting a travel blog. We wish you good luck and success in the endeavor.

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