Tips for Preparing Your Motorhome for Temporary Storage

Motorhomes offer mechanical living. This means a house and a vehicle. These sorts of vehicles exist in various sizes, depending on their capacity. They allow you to bring your home with you to any location you find yourself. However, sometimes motorhome owners may choose to travel overseas, in which case they cannot bring their motorhome with them. In such instances, an adequate storage solution needs to be arranged.

It’s important to understand that motorhomes cannot be stored like regular vehicles due to their size and content. Extra precautions must be taken when storing these vehicles. Why are motorhomes stored differently, where can they be safely stored, and what are the precautions that must be taken to ensure that nothing goes wrong while you’re away? This article will answer these questions by highlighting the need to properly prepare your motorhome for storage and more. So, grab your coffee cup, and let’s learn some new things about living in a motorhome.

Factors to Consider When Storing Motorhomes

When choosing a place to store your motorhome, specific factors need to be considered. Some of these factors include:

  1. Security: motorhomes are a favourite target for thieves to steal from, because they know that they are a means of transportation and shelter that contain many valuables. When picking a spot to store your vehicle, ensure that the spot is well-secured and minimally accessible to would-be thieves and burglars.
  2. Weather: you should always consider the weather’s impact on your vehicle when it is in storage. When storing your motorhome, it is essential to prepare for the changing weather while you are not around to check on the vehicle.
  3. Location concerning your departure point: when leaving your motorhome in a storage place, the storage facility should be located close to your departure point; why? This reduces the cost of paying hefty transport fares when going to and from the storage point.
  4. Cost-effective: the primary point of storing an item is to preserve its quality. You will want to store your RV where it is safe from any form of harm. You also want to consider the most cost-effective way to achieve this.

Tips for Preparing Your RV for Storage

Various steps need to be taken to prepare your motorhome for storage. These steps are:

  1. Know how long you intend to keep your motorhome in storage
  2. Let the season of the year be a guide to choosing your motorhome storage, and the factors stated above
  3. Check that the form of motorhome storage you choose is safe, trusted, and cost-effective. Reviews can be found online, if you’re considering to use an motorhome storage park.
  4. When a vehicle lies inactive for too long, it is bound to develop some issues. Before taking your vehicle in for storage, ensure that someone is available to maintain it, if gone for an extended length of time.
  5. Clean your vehicle thoroughly, from the tanks, toilets, rooms, refrigerators, air conditioners, and more, prior to leaving it.
  6. Defrost the refrigerator and leave its door open.
  7. Get rid of any food that can rot.
  8. Close the motorhomes windows.
  9. With a piece of cloth, cover up all furniture, air vents, and furnace to keep bugs out.
  10. Cover your motorhome with a vehicle cover to avoid scratch on the bodywork.


There are various motorhome storage options to choose from, but you must know what to consider when choosing from these options and how to prepare your motorhome for temporary storage, when you are either going away on holiday or just simply not going to be using it for an extended period of time.

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