Safety Tips for Women When Holidaying in A Motorhome

Travelling and living on the road has this unique liberating feeling because you have the freedom to visit and explore with no limitations and see any destination you desire. However, feelings of apprehension may sometimes sets in, especially for women. Many female motorhome owners get discouraged from travelling solo because of the potential dangers of travelling on the road.

It is important to note that while these dangers are not gender-specific, female motorhome owners are more susceptible to them. Thankfully, though, there are specific measures you can take to feel safer when travelling solo, and this article will be highlighting these measures. Please ensure to read to the end if you wish to learn about them.

Why Are Motorhomes Targeted by Others?

It’s important to understand that any threat that may choose to target your motorhome, does so because they are in search of valuables. Thieves target motorhomes because they know that they are essentially mini homes on wheels. They know that there are many valuable things contained within it, which is even before the value of the motorhome itself is considered. Another threat is wildlife, and although their intentions may be innocent, will also attempt to ransack your vehicle in search of food.

Tips for Improving Safety When on The Road

As mentioned earlier, motorhome owners can take measures to help them improve their safety on the road. These measures are:

  1. Securing your motorhome: most threats attack a motorhome when it is unattended. The most important step to improve safety on the road is to secure your motorhome. Install high profile locks on your doors and windows, always park your motorhome in a visible spot, install electronic deterrents like alarm systems and security cameras, make use of high-profile deterrents to secure the steering wheels of the motorhome, and when your vehicle is not in use, disconnect the batteries. All these things help reduce the risk of your motorhome being broken into.
  2. Protect yourself: the number one rule to improving personal safety when travelling alone, is to trust your instincts. If your instinct is not comfortable with a particular route or parking spot, change routes or spot. Also, ensure to invest in yourself by enrolling in self-defence classes.
  3. Bring a pet: dogs are the most preferred pets because they can be very protective and alert when in a new environment. Plus, having a pet with you makes the experience more exciting. Large dogs are preferred because they pose a more intimidating threat when faced with intruders.
  4. When parking: avoid leaving your motorhome’s windows and doors open when you park your motorhome to sleep. Use deterrents when locking your windows and doors. Also, ensure your driver’s seat is clear at all times in case of emergencies where you need to move quickly.
  5. Find a community: travelling solo does not mean you have to travel alone. Find a community of motorhome owners and tag along when travelling; others may have more experience with a specific route than you and can be very helpful in the case of emergencies.


The threats of the dangers when travelling solo should not deter you from journeying and enjoying the freedom that solo motorhome travel can bring. This is because measures can be taken to reduce or eliminate the risks involved. This article has identified ways in which you can set about increasing your security.

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