How to Prevent Your Motorhome Toilet from Clogging

Motorhomes are vehicles that make outdoor living feasible and enjoyable. However, when you do not care for the facilities present in your vehicle, outdoor living can become a hassle. A primary challenge with all motorhomes is drain clogging, especially in toilets.

Yes, like toilets in standard homes, RV toilets also get clogged at a much quicker pace. This article will highlight why RV toilets quickly get clogged and how to unclog them.

Reasons Why Motorhome Toilets Quickly Become Clogged

It is observed that motorhome toilets quickly get clogged compared to that of traditional homes, and these are some of the reasons:

  1. Waste and tissue build-up: tissue and waste clog pipes when they do not dissolve fully, leaving residue that build up in the pipes.
  2. Foreign objects: any object asides from tissues will clog the toilet when flushed down the drain. Some foreign objects include pebbles, twigs, and more; these objects are not soluble in water.
  3. Hard water: this water contains a high level of calcium and magnesium that leave behind chalky residue in pipes; this residue builds up to clog the drainage system. It is also harmful as it can lead to leaks.

Essential Toilet Products to Have for Your Motorhome

Some of these products are must-haves, while some are not. However, having these products reduces the chances of your motorhome’s toilet getting clogged. These products are:

  1. Motorhome tank holding treatments: these tanks are must-haves for every RV because they regulate moisture levels, prevent odors, and break down waste materials keeping your RV’s black water tank clean.
  2. RV sewer hose: this hose empties black water tanks into sewage systems at campgrounds or dump stations. It is not a must-have but can help prevent clogs. However, they are designed based on RV type; choose the suitable hose for your motorhome.
  3. Plumber’s snake/drain auger: this flexible equipment breaks down clogs in drains and pipes. This can come in handy when unclogging your vehicle’s toilet.
  4. RV toilet cleaners: these are uniquely designed for motorhome toilets; they are more potent than household toilet cleaners. However, their design is influenced by the vehicle type; ensure the cleaner you choose is compatible with your RV.

How to Unclog Your Motorhome’s Toilet

Specific measures are employed when unclogging an motorhome’s toilet, and these measures are:

  1. Check for foreign objects: using a flashlight, check through the toilet bowl if you can spot any foreign objects in the drain, and use a plier or wire hanger to pull them out.
  2. Pouring boiling water: after taking the first measure, pour boiling water into the bowl because this helps break down residue and build-ups that are not in your reach. Be careful not to spill the water on your body.
  3. Use a plunger: a plunger creates a suction force that pulls on anything clogging the toilet’s pipes. Place the plunger in the bowl and repeatedly plunge till you notice the clog has been removed. This can be seen when water starts to flow freely.


Other cleaning and maintenance tips for unclogging an motorhome’s toilet include regularly cleaning the toilet using tank holding treatments. You can use a mixture of vinegar and baking soda to break down residue build-up and avoid flushing foreign objects down the toilet. These maintenance tips will help you avoid the challenges of RV toilets.

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