Motorhome Theft Prevention – Everything You Need to Know

The thought of living rent-free in a motorhome can arouse feelings of excitement, but also apprehension. The excitement comes from knowing that you will not need to pay rent for a long time, while the fear is often attributed to the risks involved in this style of living, especially the threat of theft. There is no denying the risks involved in motorhome living, however, these risks can be minimised by taking corrective measures.

These measures include steps to protect your motorhome and its content from thieves. The reason why motorhomes are liable to theft is that most motorhome owners do not go out the extra mile to adequately protect their vehicle and secure its content. Perhaps you are wondering how this could possibly be the case, given the fact that motorhomes typically contain expensive personal belongings.

It’s important to understand that most thieves go for motorhomes that are easy to invade, because they cannot afford to invade protected motorhomes, for the fear of being caught. This article will highlight some precautions to take to help make your cherished motorhome and its contents, theft-proof.

Factors to Consider When Deciding Where to Store Your Motorhome

Specific factors are essential in preventing motorhome theft. Some of these factors are:

  1. Security profile: Most motorhome owners are guilty of ignorance when it comes to storing their motorhome. They fail to pay sufficient attention to the storage facility’s security profile, which heightens the risk of motorhome theft. Security details like how secure the place is, presence of cameras, motion sensors, security guards, security dogs, and more for the sake of supervision, in addition to suitably fortified gates and so on? Details like this should be scrutinised before making the decision to store your motorhome.
  2. History: another talking point is the history of where you choose to store your motorhome. This involves checking the place’s records regarding motorhome theft. If thefts happen reguarly, the place is a no-go. If not, check to see how long it’s been since the last theft occurred , and the measures they took to control the theft cases.

How to Make Your Motorhome Theft-Proof

You can take several measures to help shield yourself from motorhome theft. This includes:

  1. Physical deterrents: do not be satisfied with door locks that accompany your vehicle from the manufacturer. Thieves are adept breaching these locks. Take the step to install deterrents on your motorhome’s wheels, windows, and doors. When thieves see this, they are discouraged to even try, but these deterrents should be made from quality materials.
  2. Situation deterrents: this involves paying attention to the security of your motorhome’s surroundings, as mentioned above, making an effort to park the vehicle in an area where it is clearly visible. Having your vehicle in the open will help deter attempts of breaking and entering. As well as this, be sure to disconnect your vehicle from any source of power, like a battery source when you are not using it.
  3. Electronic deterrents: technology has made it easy to go the extra mile in making your motorhome theft-resistant. The use of alarm systems and trackers to fortify your vehicle makes it unattractive for would-be thieves.


Several measures and precautions can be taken to ensure motorhome theft prevention. This article has highlighted some of the trusted and valid measures to take in making your motorhome theft-proof. Without a doubt, incorporating these safety measures will help to protect and keep your beloved motorhome theft and burglary.

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