5 Tips for Cleaning & Looking After Your Motorhome

Sure! When a motorhome holidaymaker or camper is asked to describe their experience of living in their beloved vehicle, the response is always “it’s exciting” or “it’s a lot.” The first response gives you a more shallow description of the experience, while the second keeps your curiosity going because you want to know what “a lot” means.

Well, the experience of living in a motorhome is a lot because it is complicated. On the one hand, you get to enjoy freedom like never before. On the other hand, there is the hassle of cleaning the vehicle. If you want to enjoy the motorhome lifestyle, you must keep it clean and well-maintained. Do not mistake cleaning your motorhome and cleaning an ordinary brick home for being the same, because they are worlds apart.

How is cleaning for regular homes different from cleaning for motorhomes? Understand that some chemicals and solutions you use in cleaning at regular homes can damage your vehicle. Plus, for a motorhome, you are working with limited space, so your cleaning routine is different. This article will highlight some RV cleaning tips to guide you on how to safely and properly clean your vehicle’s interior.

Motorhome Cleaning Tips for Your Vehicle’s Interior

As mentioned earlier, you apply a different routine and strategy when cleaning your motorhome’s interior compared to traditional homes. The goal, however, remains to boast a beautiful and comfortable space, and the tips include:

  1. Use unique cleaning products: The build of your motorhome’s interior is different from that of traditional homes; thus, the cleaning products you use for traditional homes can damage your vehicle’s interior when used to clean it. Take the time to shop for particular cleaning products for your RV’s kitchen, toilet, and other motorhome parts.
  2. Being organised: Cleaning is easier when your interior is organised. The whole concept of cleaning is to have a presentable interior, maximising your limited space and keeping the home presentable. To achieve an organised interior, you should invest in space-saving solutions and be creative in storing and organising your things.
  3. Bring what you need: It is impossible to use the second tip above when you carry too much stuff you need and do not need. It would help if you understood that the more stuff you have in your RV, the less space and the more difficult it is to clean. If you have a set of tools that you need to bring but that will consume much space, you should consider investing in multipurpose tools that can perform the function of both tools at once. Plus, only bring things you need with you to avoid Clutters as they invite rodents and pests to your home.
  4.  Clean up immediately: Do not make the mistake of leaving a mess for later because that mess is attractive to some unwanted guests (rodents and insects). Make a habit of cleaning up your kitchen or any space after you are done with the space.
  5. Clean your air filter: The air you breathe is a vital consideration, and the air filter in your air-conditioning needs to be cleaned to keep the air pure. Plus, a dirty air filter affects how the air conditioner functions; remove the filter and clean it properly, allowing it to dry before installing it back.


Regularly cleaning and properly maintaining your motorhome transforms the experience of living in it, from stressful to exciting. Luckily, this article has outlined some tips to help in this regard.

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