How Travelling in a Motorhome on Your Own, Changes You

Motorhome living has sometimes received mixed reactions, with some people believing that it is an exciting way of living while others have contrasting opinions. Motorhome living involves living in a vehicle and constantly being on the move. This kind of lifestyle is mainly done in groups or by a family.

However, travelling the country in a motorhome on your own, adds a brand new meaning to motorhome living. This involves travelling and living without company for most periods. This form of lifestyle tends to result in changes, especially in the life of the person embarking on it. This article will highlight some of these changes for you. So, please be sure to read to the end.

How Does Travelling in a Motorhome By Yourself, Change You?

To better understand how solo motorhome living changes you, we examine the primary benefits and purpose of motorhome living. The primary benefit of a motorhome lifestyle revolves around the amount of freedom it offers. Compared to living in homes, motorhome or RV living offers freedom from debts and mortgages and the freedom to explore various countries.

However, this freedom tends to change some things, and these things are:

Your Interests: this change is born of the freedom to explore new things. Living in traditional homes also provide this opportunity, but the pace of exploring new interest is limited. However, with RV living, these limits are removed. Materialistic people evolve to become less materialistic. An RV owner does not have the space to accommodate many such items, only necessary items, and the more unnecessary items you own, the higher the liability. Hence, there is a change in interests.

Improved communication skills: the fact that you travel and live alone Does not mean you will not need to socialize because you will visit new areas, and your communication skills will be helpful. For this reason, those who choose to travel by motorhome by themselves, are discovered to have better communication skills than when they lived their everyday lives in houses.

Personality change: most solo RV travellers discover that their social lives begin to experience some changes with time. If the Ravers were introverts, they gradually value socializing, while extroverts begin valuing privacy. However, solo motorhome travel teaches you to be able to strike a balance between private and social life.

More control: one vital factor that highlights the degree of freedom the motorhome lifestyle brings is control over your schedule. In most cases, the schedule of people living in traditional homes is programmed to take control from them. How? The schedule follows a pattern, which grants them time for themselves once a year. However, the schedule is different; you have more control over your time as the schedule is arranged at your pace and to your strengths.

Your Company: this change accompanies your changing interests. Solo RV living allows you to learn new and more exciting things. This unlocks that part of you that is ever interested and ready to learn; thus, this factor plays out when choosing people you associate with. You will be only attracted to people who have similar interests or are more exposed than you. This also makes it easy for you to associate and relate with them.


Solo motorhome living should not be classified as a usual way of living as it offers more freedom than everyday living. When choosing to live on your own in your motorhome, be ready for changes because this kind of living is typically plain exciting.

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