How Regularly Should Your Motorhome Generator Be Serviced?

A motorhome generator is an equipment that provides electricity and power to different appliances within the vehicle. Like every component in your travel trailer, you must service your motorhome generator occasionally to enjoy the maximum electrical power you would want at home.

It would be best if you frequently serviced your motorhome generator; not only does it save you from the burden of spending money, but it also helps to increase the production lifespan of the generator. Perhaps you are still confused about the best time to service your vehicle’s generator. Well, in that case, this article is here to help you. Read on to discover more information.

 Reasons to service your motorhome generator

  • Prevents your generator from breaking down when you need it
  • Reduce cost
  • Increases the lifespan of the generator
  • To avoid unexpected accidents, such as; overheating, shortage of power output, and reduced function.

Maintenance and servicing tips

  • Try always to keep track of the hour meter; all motorhome generators should have one; it keeps track of the duration of time the generator has been running. The details from the hour meter determine how frequently the oil should be changed; it is vital to keep track of the generator to prevent any further issues.
  • Just like your motorhome engine, the generator also uses oil to lubricate its different moving parts, requiring a periodical oil change. Manufacturers advise you to change the oil in your new generator every 45-55 hours, and then after that, you increase the duration to 145-155 hours, but most times, it depends on the model of motorhome generator your RV contains. It is recommended that the oil filter is replaced and coolant levels topped off when changing the oil, as they can affect the efficiency of the motorhome generator.
  • Don’t remove the covers even when or any of the main covers while the generator is running; you wouldn’t succeed in cooling down the generator as the covers are arranged to support airflow, so any ignorant movement can end up causing a problem for the engine.
  •  The most straightforward approach to maintaining and servicing your generator is visually inspecting it at least once a month. During this inspection, you have to ensure your vehicle’s generator is clean and dry, with no apparent issues such as; leaks, corrosion, or cracks that can indicate any serious problem.
  • Service the generator’s air filter regularly. The air filter must be replaced around every 380-400 hours or more frequently in dirty or dusty surroundings. If you fail to change your air filter when it is either worn or dirty, the performance of your vehicle’s generator will deteriorate.
  • Service and replace the spark plug in your motorhome generator every 440 hours. The spark plug provides power that makes the engine run, and if they develop an issue, your motorhome generator will stop working.
  • ●      Store your vehicle’s generator properly. When you store your generator, you have to ensure it is well serviced, free from dirt, and in good order.
  • You can create a maintenance schedule to keep track of the time you service the generator to avoid forgetting or exceeding the service date.
  • Make a service plan for your generator.

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