How to Get Internet in a Motorhome

Many motorhome owners argue about the need to have access to the internet while travelling on the road, as it to many it defeats the purpose of living in a mobile home that gives you a one-way ticket to explore the world on the go, and get away from all the technology that is so heavily relied upon in ordinary day to day life. However, the internet is essential in cases where you are exploring the world on the road. This is why many adventure lovers are clamouring for internet connections in their motorhomes.

This article highlights the options available to get internet when living in a motorhome, and emphasises the importance of having internet in a motorhome. Read on to discover more.

Benefits of Having Internet Access in a Motorhome

The benefits of having the internet in a motorhome are numerous, with some of the most significant benefits including:

  1. Guidance: in this context, guidance refers to using the internet when traveling or driving your motorhome. The presence of a Global Positioning System (GPS), which is only accessible on the internet, makes it easy for motorhome owners to explore new routes without missing directions as the GPS provides guidance on the routes to follow when heading in a particular direction.
  2. Entertainment and update: the internet provides an avenue to access various entertaining channels and activities from your smart device and stay updated with the recent happenings around the world via news channels.
  3. Work: when living in a motorhome where you constantly change locations, the internet allows you to work remotely from any location, provided the organisation you work for permits working via the internet.
  4. Other benefits include staying connected and communicating with your loved ones, and researching a particular area in advance, before visiting.

Tips for Getting Internet in Your Motorhome

There are two main options available when it comes to getting internet in a motorhome. These include:

  1. Private: these methods are more secure and expensive, and they include:
    1. Ethernet is a cabled connection that grants you access to the internet. The downside of this method is you can only access the internet when your devices are connected to the Ethernet.
    2. Mi-Fi: This functions similarly to Wi-Fi but provides a wireless connection for a specific area (your motorhome). There are various network providers with this kind of technology. Mi-Fi is like a small mobile device that provides access to the internet when recharged. Unlike ethernet, your devices are connected wirelessly.
  2. Public: these methods are cheap, but you stand the risk of granting third parties access to your personal information. It is not a very secure method. They include:
    1. Campgrounds: when you visit camping sites, you can gain access to the internet by sharing from the Wi-Fi connection provided by other motorhome owners, and some campgrounds also have internet service for their users. But, in most cases, the networks are not secure and can be easily hacked.
    2. Motorhome parks: like campgrounds, motorhome parks also provide internet access for their users. When at an motorhome park, you can choose to connect to their internet service.


Some public spots grant internet access to users for free or at a cost, but the costs are not as high as subscribing to your private internet access. However, the security of the private internet is more rewarding than the public internet. This article has highlighted some of the benefits and ways to get internet in your motorhome. As well, we have discussed which option you should choose, based on your circumstances.

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