How to Choose the Right Generator for Your Motorhome

We have all heard that motorhome living is fun and offers many benefits, but we may not know that this lifestyle can sometimes be demanding. However, you are assured of an excellent motorhome experience when you have all the necessities intact. One item that is a must-have for motorhomes is a generator, and selecting the right generator type can be pretty challenging. This article will help you with expert tips for choosing the ideal generator for your motorhome lifestyle.

Types of Motorhome Generators

Different types of generators can be used in motorhomes, and they are often classified based on several factors. Here are some classifications of RV generators.

  1. Fuel type: propane, gasoline, diesel.
  2. Size: small, medium, large.
  3. Package style: Open frame, close frame
  4. Generation mode: alternator, inverter

What to Consider When Choosing a Generator for Your Motorhome

There are several factors to ponder upon before selecting a generator for your motorhome. Of course, you already know that power consumption is the first factor, and you must ensure that any generator you want to acquire can provide adequate wattage for your motorhome. Here are some other factors that may influence your choice of generator

  1. Noise: generators are known to be big noise producers, but some types can be significantly quieter than others. RV living will bring you to settle in different neighbourhoods, and too much generator noise can quickly get your neighbours irritated. You definitely would not want to get into altercations wherever you go. Hence, you will be better off Selecting a generator that produces minimal noise.
  2. Fuel Type: generators run on fuel, and so do motorhomes. Now you see why the fuel type is a primary consideration for generator choice. If your motorhome runs on diesel, you will want to go for a diesel-powered generator so you would not have to make multiple trips to gas stations, as you can fill both tanks at once.
  3. Size: since you have to carry the generator with you on your trips, it would be best to go for a generator that will not take up too much space on your motorhome. This is where the size factor comes in, and it is worth considering.
  4. Price: many full-time motorhome travellers live on a tight budget, and this budget is often the basis of most of their expenses. While a generator is necessary for motorhomes, it would not be advisable to overstretch your budget trying to get one. Therefore, it would be best to settle for affordable products that can provide sufficient power.

Generator Safety Tips When Operating Your Motorhome Generator

Many things about generators can be considered unsafe, so it is vital to always observe safety tips when running a generator. The same also applies to motorhome, and here are dome generator safety tips for RVing.

  • Ensure that the exhaust pipe is channelled outside the RV
  • Do not sleep with your generator on, except your RV has a carbon monoxide detector.
  • Make sure gas and other highly flammable materials are not stored near the generator.
  • Ensure to check the exhaust system and its connections regularly for leakage to avoid air pollution.


A constant power supply is necessary for a fun and enjoyable motorhome living, and generators are one of the primary sources of motorhome electricity. The safety tips and factors to consider when choosing an RV generator have been highlighted in this article.

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