How to Ensure a Great Motorhome Holiday with Your Kids

It is no doubt that adjusting to motorhome life can be pretty hard at first, especially with kids. It is a significant adjustment to leave behind everything and everyone you ever knew and journey into the unknown. Indeed, it can be hard for children to leave their friends behind.

It is essential to expect challenges and struggles when motorhome living with kids. Truly, it can be fun, stressful, and noisy, but all in all, it is a great way to get the best adventures together as a family.

So you might ask, “Is it possible to transition from a stationary house to living in a home on wheels with kids?” Well, yes, it is! And of course, it comes with its challenges but here are ways to get the best out of motorhome living with kids.

First, keep your space neat and organised

If you plan to spend a lot of time in your motorhome with kids, it is crucial to ensure that things are always kept in their places. You might be surprised by how much storage space is in most motorhomes. However, if this space is not correctly managed, your tiny home can quickly get messy and cluttered. It can feel overwhelming when looking for items you need in this clutter.

To feel comfortable in your tiny home, you need to keep your kids ‘ stuff organised. It can be tricky with kids prone to leaving their things lying around. So you can invest in storage bins or boxes for kids to keep their toys and games in when you are traveling. A little effort here will go a long way in ensuring that you enjoy life on your home on wheels.

Teach your kids to conserve

Living in a motorhome means you will have to get by with getting less of everything, basically water, power, and even space. This means you might have to get thoughtful with water and electricity usage. Teaching your kids to understand why they need to conserve the water and power you have is a great way to make your life on the road smoother.

Start early by reminding them to turn off the lights when leaving a room or shutting off the water while washing their hands and brushing their teeth. You can get rechargeable lights for your kids in their room if they like to sleep with nightlights.

Get a motorhome with a bunk room door

When choosing a motorhome, it is crucial to choose one that has a separate bunk room with a door. This will ensure that your transition from your sticks and bricks house to a tiny living space is as smooth as possible for your kids. A bunk room with a door is also great, so your kids can have their own space for just their things. This offers them a sense of privacy behind an actual door, not just some curtain separating the sleeping area from the living area, as seen in most motorhome.

Find a suitable home-schooling program your way

Hitting the road with your kids would naturally mean you would have to take them out of their current school. They must continue to learn new things; although there are so many options, finding one that you can quickly adapt to can be overwhelming. You can consider an online schooling system where your kids log in to a virtual classroom each day. Also, you can purchase a bundled curriculum and all the necessary supplies that give you everything you need for the academic year so you can home-school your children yourself.

You know your kids best, so you can determine what interests them most and work with that. Home-schooling your kids one-on-one helps strengthen relationships and offers your kids the opportunity to learn outside formal school education. Studies have shown that many home-schooled students perform better academically.


Finally, motorhome living with kids is a different kind of living from life in a stationary house. It is essential to know that being on the road means there will be really good times and periods of struggles and frustration. You should expect challenges but rest assured that you will get through them. Now, you should know that by keeping these essential tips in mind, you and your family can enjoy the endless adventures of motorhome living.

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