Expenses to Factor in When Travelling in a Motorhome Year-Round

Have you ever fantasised about living in a motorhome and traveling full-time but are unsure how to make it work financially? Well, you are not the only one, as there are many people like you out there.

Some of these people choose to live in a motorhome to save money. And some move into their vehicle full-time so they can move freely. Whatever is your reason, though, one thing is certain, and it is the fact that you have to spend some money.

Factors such as how often you travel can affect your petrol bills. Do you love exploring the great outdoors or staying at luxury motorhome resorts? Perhaps you’re retired and have a pension to complement your lifestyle. You can also work on the go to supplement your budget.

These are just a few things to consider when considering your future as a full-time camper. Here are some basics to factor into his monthly full-time motorhome expenses. Please ensure to read to the end to learn more about them.

Cost of things to consider

  • Not everyone can buy a camper with cash. If you think your monthly budget will be tight for your income, start with a cheap recreational vehicle that can handle your budget. Caravans are usually the cheapest campers, and the smaller they are, the cheaper they are. You also need a vehicle to tow, adding another cost unless you already have one.
  • You can save money on food by eating at home every night. Look forward to eating. Even if you don’t eat it often, you’ll find it’s worth more.
  • Campers come in many shapes and sizes. If you rent a campervan, it is assumed that you will be towing the vehicle. With a five-wheeled vehicle or trailer, you can park it and use the tow vehicle for adventures or important trips to the shop. Either way, fuel will be one of your biggest expenses. Determining fuel costs is difficult. Increases fuel. Fuel is declining, and fuel varies from state to state. There is an app you can download to find out fuel prices in your area.
  • Save money for emergencies. motorhome repairs can be expensive. Having the ability to solve problems on your own is very helpful. Don’t be afraid to ask your camper neighbours too. They may at least help troubleshoot, so you don’t have to call a repair company or bring her motorhome in for servicing.
  • Auto insurance is a subject we all hate in many areas. Of course, insure your car and mobile home. This may be the time to consider another motorhome insurance. Alternatively, your current insurance company may be able to provide adequate coverage.
  • Here is another grey area output. Monthly campground fees range from $300 to several thousand dollars per month. Places with more amenities are getting more expensive. Pay more than the monthly fee per night. It would help if you also considered whether the monthly fee includes electricity.


The leap to motorhome travel on a full-time basis can be a dream come true for many people. Plus, with a bit of preparation, budgeting, and a bold conviction, you are definitely going to enjoy your experience. You can create an Excel spreadsheet or search online for a motorhome budget worksheet to see your potential expenses.

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