7 Tips for Eradicating Cockroaches from Your Motorhome

Cockroaches are considered poster boys for immortal pests for a reason, and that reason is they are almost impossible to expel from a space when they are in. This space can be a traditional home, kitchen, store, or motorhome, to mention a few.

Cockroaches in a motorhome are a whole different kind of uncomfortable for vehicle owners. Pests in your vehicle make the space uncomfortable, not to mention the poster boys for immortal pests, cockroaches. This article will outline how to get rid of cockroaches from your motorhome.

Getting Rid of Cockroaches in Your Motorhome: Top-Notch Tips

The remedies outlined below consider store and home items that can be useful in the fight against roaches in an RV: They include:

  1. Baking soda and sugar solution: This solution can be made using homemade substances. Many are used to the solution of baking soda and vinegar for cleaning. However, it is understood that baking soda harms cockroaches, their eggs, and larvae, but the smell is unattractive. Hence, the need to mix sugar with baking soda because sugar attracts cockroaches.
  2. Fabric softener spray: It might surprise you that fabric softener can help kill cockroaches. This is used by mixing fabric softener with water. You want to get a thick solution where the fabric softener is more than the water. However, this is only useful when you come in direct contact with the cockroaches; thus, it is not potent when it does not come in contact with the cockroaches.
  3. Boric acid is poisonous to cockroaches; thus, you must spray in areas with high cockroach infestations. This acid kills the eggs and larvae and suffocates the cockroaches.
  4. Sticky traps: These traps are effective in knowing where cockroach infestation is in your RV because they attract and trap them. We can use this method with any of the above cockroach expulsion tips.
  5. Gel bait: These little critters feed by ingestion; thus, an effective method would be getting them to ingest poison. This is where vehicle owners can use gel bait. There are gel bait types made in flavors and scents that attract cockroaches. When these disgusting pests feed on the gel bait, it kills them gradually; plus, when other cockroaches feed on the dead members, they are affected by the poison.
  6. Insecticidal dust: The idea behind this method is to dehydrate the cockroaches. Insecticidal dust is designed to dehydrate the cockroaches and dry their eggs. Although, this is a slow-acting method that considers that cockroaches can live without food for extended periods but require water to stay hydrated. Hence, ensure to spray this dust in the correct areas for optimal results.
  7. Chemical pesticides:  The beauty of this option is they are available in varieties with varying potency levels. However, they require them to be used where roach infestation is high; thus, watch out for areas where it is high and use chemical pesticides to address the infestations.


The tips outlined above are aimed at expelling cockroaches from your motorhome. However, it is essential that you take steps to keep them out, and one way is to limit access to food and remove hiding spots. Food should be stored in a clean environment and avoid overcrowding the limited space provided in your vehicle. Remember, the motorhome living experience is best without pests; thus, you should do what you can to keep pests, like cockroaches, out.

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