How to Eliminate the Smell of Garbage from Your Motorhome

The motorhome living experience is fascinating, provided specific factors are in check. You can enjoy the freedom and possibilities associated with motorhome living and still have many complaints that ruin your adventurous lifestyle. One of these complaints or factors is a lousy living space.

The space provided in an RV does not compare to the space of standard traditional homes because the space is limited. One bad smell in the RV living space is garbage because the garbage can is kept in the RV. This article will outline tips on how to get rid of the garbage smell in your RV.

Tips on eliminating the smell of garbage from your motorhome

The unpleasant smell that ruins your motorhome living experience making your vehicle space uncomfortable for you can be addressed with specific tips. These tips include:

  1. Taking out the trash regularly: A hobby many homeowners often feel lazy to carry out is taking out the trash. We often procrastinate and say, “the trash can is not yet full.” However, this should not be the case. The primary reason for the garbage smell is that the garbage consists of organic waste (waste products that rot, like banana peels, vegetables, and more). When your garbage is made of this organic waste, please do not wait until you have a whole trash can before taking it out. The practice of this habit should stop the garage smell.
  2. Clean in and around the trash cans: There are cases where the trash bag leaks, stains the trash can or spills around the trash can. Hence, cleaning in and around the trash can regularly after taking out the trash is essential. Solutions like vinegar and baking soda can be used when cleaning because it helps get rid of unpleasant smells quickly and easily.
  3. Use scented can liners: This tip helps when the smell persists from the trash can after cleaning. You can use scented can liners in your trash can. These scented can liners do not stop the smell but helps counteract the smell to give the space a milder smell. Using scented can liners should not be an excuse not to practice regular and consistent disposal of trash.
  4. Use essential oils and deodorizers: Essential oils and deodorizers are not similar to can liners. The deodorizer can be sprayed in the motorhome space for a refreshing smell. For essential oils, you can place six or more drops on multiple pieces of cotton wool, and these cotton wools can be placed in or around the trash can to prevent the garbage smell in your vehicle.
  5. Check your sink and drains: Sometimes, the garbage can is not the only place where garbage smell can erupt from. Sinks and drains are the other areas in the motorhome that can be a source. If you are habitually flushing rubbish down the drain, these particles can get stuck, rut, and produce an unpleasant smell in your space. You can push a solution of vinegar and baking soda down the drain to help break down the particles in the drain. Plus, you can use tools like a plunger to remove the particles.


All the tips above will help recreational vehicle owners avoid a garbage-smelling motorhome for a more pleasant-smelling vehicle space. Another tip they can use in conjunction with the tips above is improving their space’s ventilation. This can be done by cleaning your air vents and running regular maintenance on your motorhome’s air conditioner. Using these tips will guarantee a garbage-smell-free RV space.

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