How to Make Cooking in Your Motorhome a Whole Lot Easier

The motorhome lifestyle is undoubtedly exciting, offering you access to a world of adventure and freedom. This lifestyle is centred around simplicity, but some may argue that simplicity affects the kind of meal prepared given the small kitchen space.

Indeed, the living space found in motorhome is small compared to spaces in a standard home, but this should not affect the quality of life. An RV’s kitchen can serve your standard meals, provided you know how to utilize the small space. You can enjoy mouth-watering and sumptuous meals prepared from your vehicle’s kitchen. This article highlights top-notch tips that simplify meal prep in a motorhome kitchen. Read on to discover fascinating information.

Motorhome Kitchen Tips that Simplify Meal Prep

Having an idea of the principles or tips involved relating to a topic gives you an edge in that topic, and meal prep in an motorhome kitchen space is no exemption. Specific tips simplify meal prep, allowing you to eat sumptuous and quality meals prepared from your motorhome’s kitchen. They include:

1) Meal planning

The idea is simple; define the kind of meals you would love to eat before hitting the road. This makes planning more convenient and easy. Many travellers prefer to repeat a single meal when living in an RV, but for those who prefer different meals every day, make a list of 5-6 meals and gather the necessary supplies for those meals. Planning gives you the option of alternating between different quality meals prepared from your motorhome’s kitchen.

2) Keep easy foods on hand

For the RV lifestyle, simplicity is the code, which should also guide your meal prep. When choosing the quality meals for your RV living, you want to choose meals that are easy to prepare, given that your kitchen is minimal compared to traditional kitchens in homes. Make the meals you will be having on your easy foods. The following tips give you an idea of making your meals easy foods.

3) Invest in a Crockpot

Crock-pots simplify the cooking process, making them an ideal gadget for your RVs kitchen. A crockpot prepares meals and preserves the meal even when you are out for the day, so you return to an already prepared meal. Fill the crockpot with the essential ingredients that make up the meal, and head out for an adventure. The crockpot preserves the meal for your return.

4) Freezing meals

Freezing is a method of preserving meals. When stacking supplies in your motorhome, you can freeze the meals you like having and stack them in your vehicle’s kitchen fridge. You can also freeze extras from already prepared meals simplifying the idea of easy foods on hand. With just a microwave, these frozen foods will be ready in minutes. You can enjoy quality meals from your kitchen in a much quicker fashion.

5) Using grills

You can prepare quality meals using supplies stored in your RV’s kitchen.

6) Clean as you go

You want your kitchen to be neat to prevent house pets from entering. After preparing meals, take the time to clean up.


You can enjoy quality meals prepared from your motorhome’s kitchen provided you know-how, and this article has highlighted some top tips to help you achieve this.

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