• Huge success at Brisbane Caravan and Camping Expo 2018

    Huge success at Brisbane Caravan and Camping Expo 2018

    Huge success at Brisbane Caravan and Camping Expo 2018 Auto-Trail has had another successful season at Brisbane's Caravan and Camping Expo 2018, topping sales from the previous year's unprecedented sales record. this year's 50th anniversary of the expo had a great turn out and whilst we are still waiting for the show numbers to be released, it is clear from our sales figures that Auto-Trail is making big moves in the Australian Marketplace. With prices that are on par, " If not lower" than the current Australian market prices and a product that far supersedes any Australian Brands in Build Quality, Insulation, Industry Awards and attention to detail, It is easy to see why in the last 6 years Auto-Trail Motorhomes have really started to make an impression on the Australian Motorhome Industry. Our Best Selling vehicles were once again Auto-Trail's Frontier Delaware & The EKS Models with Auto-Trail's 2018 Scout that features six forward facing seatbelts and the capacity to sleep six people being a hot runner-up.

  • The Wanderer – May 2018 ( A Class Act )

    The Wanderer – May 2018 ( A Class Act )

    Polished and Refined, there's no doubting the calibre of Auto-Trail's Frontier Delaware Words by bLeah Glynn: Pics by Anna Pastukhova It was with equal parts of excitement and anxiety that I approached my first official review as Deputy Editor of The Wanderer. Excitement, as I was heading off on a gourmet food and wine adventure through the Yarra Valley with my mum, Ellen (a budding motorhome enthusiast herself), in a shiny new Auto-Trail Frontier Delaware thanks to Elite RV, but anxiety too, as this was my first time driving a motorhome. Fortunately, my pre-trip nerves were somewhat soothed by Elite RV’s General Manager Craig, who assured me that, despite its size, the luxurious Delaware is actually a dream to drive. His parting words to me: “It’s not the length you’ll have to worry about, but the height!” And so with one final - albeit shaky - wave to Craig, and a lingering glance at my beloved - and slightly more compact - Mazda 2, we were off. TAKING THE HIGH ROAD Easily hitting its stride once we got on the freeway, it was hard not to be impressed by the driveability of the Delaware. We were cruising in the Lo-Line model, which is a little more than eight metres long and three metres tall. It’s by no means the largest motorhome on the market, but it’s still big, and while I was acutely aware of the size of the vehicle (especially after Craig’s sage advice), I was also [...]

  • Auto-Trail travels to Australia and New Zealand

    Auto-Trail travels to Australia and New Zealand

    Published on Thursday 9th November 2017 In November 2017 Auto-Trail flew to the other side of the world to visit our Australian distributor Elite RV, our New Zealand dealers and the New Zealand Auto-Trail Owners Club. Auto-Trail was the first European motorhome manufacturer to achieve Australian homologation, which is required to sell vehicles in Australia. Elite RV are the exclusive importers of Auto-Trail motorhomes, they have an amazing showroom on the Gold Coast and an extensive network of service centres to ensure our customers always stay on the road - even when they are travelling across the world. Elite RV has just compleated construction of a new depot in the coastal capital Melbourne, where they will be opening a new showroom and service and repair unit. Auto-Trail then took a trip to Australia’s neighbour, New Zealand to visit our dealers, Auckland Motorhomes and Ashburton Motorhomes, and to attend the Auto -Trail Owners Club NZ event. New Zealand is a growing market in the leisure industry, and exporting there is an area for growth for Auto-Trail. With 100 Auto-Trail motorhomes on display at the ATOC NZ event and over 200 people attending, we were delighted to see how popular Auto-Trail motorhomes are outside the UK. Auto-Trail held a presentation for the ATOC NZ, where Managing Director, Dave Thomas gave a talk all about the history of Auto-Trail, and Director of Sales and Marketing, Scott Stephens spoke about our new 2018 models, the Imala 732, Tracker LB and V-Line Sport. The event later finished with a Q+A and raffle where ATOC NZ [...]

  • Auto-Trail Directors Visit Australia & New Zealand

    Auto-Trail Directors Visit Australia & New Zealand

    Last week saw Dave Thomas (Director)  and Scott Stephens (Director of Sales & Marketing) from Auto Trail UK  arrive in Australia for a brief visit and tour of current and future Australian Dealer Locations. Their first stop was to our new, highly anticipated Victorian Depot located in Dandenong and due to open early January 2018. Elite RV  is the company with exclusive importation rights to the Auto-Trail Brand and is behind the National push to establish boutique Auto-Trail outlets around the country. " We are really excited about this store," commented Darren Nye (Director, Elite RV) "We have a huge Victorian fanbase that has been eagerly awaiting our showroom opening." The New Dandenong Showroom will be our largest “Exclusively Auto-Trail” depot with a Service and Repair Department that has been designed from the ground up with Auto-Trail in mind. Thursday morning saw the team head to our affiliates in Sydney for a catch-up and Showroom tour, as well as a meet and greet with the fabulous staff at Sydney RV. The crew then embarked on a tour around Sydney's famous sights while discussing the future growth of Auto-Trail Australia before heading to the airport to catch a quick flight to the Gold Coast before dark. Friday was spent with the Elite RV team mapping out the next few years for Auto-Trail Australia and the confirmation was given regarding three exciting models that will be available in Australia from 2019. "Its a Range we have never had the opportunity to have here in [...]

  • iMotorhome issue 44 / Reader Report.

    iMotorhome issue 44 / Reader Report.

    LIFE ON THE AUTOTRAIL It was love at first sight for this pair of Auto Trail Delaware owners... by Jack 'n Jill (not their real names!) After much weighing up of the pros and cons of motorhome v caravan, we decided to go down the motorhome track. We were actually looking in the second-hand market when we called into Sydney RV Centre. After going through a few second-hand models we were shown the new British-built Auto Trail. We weren't really considering a new vehicle and left confused as to what to do. A long drive home allowed us to discuss the pros and cons of new v second hand, but by the time we arrived home we'd settled on the new Auto Trail. The vehicle costs a lot more than we had budgeted, however, we had over six months to save the difference as it had yet to be built. So it was back down to Sydney to have a test drive and put down a deposit. After the test drive, we were positive we had made the right choice. Purchase day arrived and after a few hiccups with the handover, we left Sydney at 5 pm on a Friday afternoon. From that moment the vehicle has been super. We have had a few great trips up and down the coast and down to the Snowy Mountains over the past few years and have added a few extras, and completed some modifications to it. What we love about our Auto [...]